We are a group of enthusiasts who want to contribute to the sustainable transformation of society in the direction of its greater inclusiveness and solidarity. For this purpose, we will develop the for-profit part of the institute, through which we will finance the non-profit part of the activities.

We will mainly develop a non-profit activity in the field of culture, health, environment, art and sustainable development.

None of the management team is employed in the organization. It is expected that we will hire staff during the operations. Currently, no employment is planned, only student work and business contracts, as well as external services.

Start up crew

Founding members

Lucija Unuk, Matej Črnjavič, Barbara Drole

Members of Executive Board

Barbara Drole, president

Matej Črnjavič, vice-president

Brina Sara Lipovec

David Marn

Fuad Gazibegovic

Amos Ng

Members of the expert group

Brina Sara Lipovec,

Sara Morosini


Lucija Unuk

The purpose of establishing the Institute is to promote all forms of social and cultural diversity, enrich and transform modern societies and communities towards a sustainable way of life and to promote awareness of the importance of ensuring the multiculturalism and solidarity of modern people

We try to ensure the least possible negative impact on the environment. We promote sustainable development.

The Institute realizes its vision by organizing courses and workshops to strengthen resilience, multiculturalism and tolerance of diversity, through the organization of education, workshops and supervision, through research, in collaboration with other similar organizations and by publishing books, magazines and other periodicals and online material.

We stand and contribute to environmental protection and reducing the negative effects of climate change and support transition toward digital society.

Sustainable growth is at the heart of the efforts of the members of the institute and the institute as whole.

Based on our tasks, it follows that the majority of the activities of the institute are performed in the field of education, culture, the arts, environmental protection, health, social protection, climate and sustainable development.

The aim of the institute is to promote and implement measures that contribute to the development of sustainable and an inclusive lifestyle for as many people and social groups as possible. The institute is expanding and carries out activities and develops knowledge of multiculturalism and solidarity of modern society as o a precondition for the sustainable development and well-being of individuals.

The institute will work in the field of professional planning of activities and their monitoring.

It will monitor the development of methods of work of other expertise, with new achievements in therapeutic and educational purposes. The staff of the institute will attend trainings and professional meetings with other professionals, at interventions and supervision to help work with different social groups.

With the institute we want to co-create the future, a society whose main values ​​are peace, search for well-being, multiculturalism, health, aesthetic values, healthy and clean environment, better climate and sustainable growth. Arts and culture and the education of active citizens of the global communities are important components of the Institute’s efforts. 

The Institute performs the following non-profit activities:

– participates in events and presentations at care and work centres, homes for senior citizens, primary schools, kindergartens and elsewhere

– conducts various education and training (general and special education for professionals, volunteers and the general public in the field of sustainable, inclusive development of modern societies

– carries out promotional activities

– takes care of the realization of the transformation of modern societies into sustainable and inclusive ones

– research activity.

Target groups


Socially endangered

People with intellectual disabilities




Migrants, asylum seekers