About us

We are a group of enthusiasts who want to contribute to the sustainable transformation of society in the direction of its greater inclusiveness and solidarity. For this purpose, we will develop the for-profit part of the institute, through which we will finance the non-profit part of the activities. 

We will mainly develop a non-profit activity in the field of culture, health, environment, art and sustainable development.

None of the management team is employed in the organization. It is expected that we will hire staff during the operations. Currently, no employment is planned, only student work and business contracts, as well as external services.

Start up crew

Founding members

Lucija Unuk, Matej Črnjavič, Barbara Drole

Members of Executive Board

Barbara Drole, president

Matej Črnjavič, vice-president

Brina Sara Lipovec

David Marn

Fuad Gazibegovic

Amos Ng

Members of the expert group 

Brina Sara Lipovec,

Sara Morosini


Lucija Unuk